Hi! I’m Julie, and I was a shopaholic!

I spent most of my 20’s collecting stuff, most of my 30’s getting rid of stuff, and now in my 40’s I have found a beautiful balance of stuff.

My journey to a more simple life started when my husband and I decided to upgrade from our small one bed flat to a family sized home. It was only on the sale of our flat that we realised that we had too much stuff, too little money and no real life plan. So, we decided to get a plan together and really look at what we wanted our lives to look like.

We started with our wardrobes, we decluttered many, many (many), clothes, then quickly moved through our home, decluttering all of the excess. The literal weight of all this excess had been lifted.

With time, this process of minimising, simplifying and organising crept into all areas of our lives, from meal planning to personal finance. from shopping to travel planning. It took time, effort and consistency, but it was life changing for us. We are now living much calmer and more content lives.

I am passionate about sharing what we have learned through simplifying and the benefits of doing so. Wherever you are on your journey, I hope that you enjoy browsing through these articles and that you may benefit from our experiences.